Soar into Fantasy Faire

Every so often I get really excited about certain events.  Now if you’ve been following my blog for the last couple of years or whichever you’ll know that Fantasy Faire is one of the events that I would consider myself a regular or official blogger for. Each year I’ve done Fantasy Faire it get’s better and better. Below is a little story I’ve thought up when I was making the picture enjoy!


Fast asleep they come, pouring in from different directions and visions. Each year around the same time and month the visions take over.  The different regions was something only a person could imagine. This time a sprite a little cheeky gremlin of sorts was here to escort her to the most mystical place of all the Fantasy Faire. She had her balloon and lollipop; ready to go. Up, up and up she went far beyond the clouds and mountains. There she could see the platform of the Faire. A smirk was upon her face and the gremlin giggled and floated around her. They were ready to explore 


I’m the last one to get the avatar, because I at one point didn’t see the need to get it. I see a few main stream designers especially some I blog for has started or have made items for the Kemono and I couldn’t blog the items for them.  Well I had a few extra linden left over and I got the avatar. I think it was a okay investment. The reason WHY I decided almost a year after it was released was because a few designers at the Fantasy Faire made items for the Kemono!

***Side note dressing this Kemono is HARD. I didn’t wanna wear the usual items for it so I dug through my inventory to find. I mean I SEARCHED the mate and friends tried to tell me it’s limited clothing , but I refused. I wanted to break the meta. Anyways enough Rambling! ***

Soar into Fantasy

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