Abnormal Invader

Hello you lovely creatures that follow me! I really do hope that yall do follow my blog. I am in the process of cross posting to blogpost because I am running out of room over here at WordPress! After 11 years I will be moving to blogspot. It’ll be a slow move and I’ll have to work on my blogspot layout. It’ll be bland, but who cares It’ll get the job done. As long as you can read my posts and look at my photos that’s all that matters.

Tomorrow at 3pm slt Abnormality Event opens its doors! The theme for this round is Supernova! So Sci-fi a bit space. Not cyber punk, but celestial. Celestial isn’t my type of thing so I am going with the Cyber punk element vibe to it. Then also tomorrow Wizarding Faire opens up. I won’t have a pre-post open for Wizarding Faire because I am a straggler to get into the blog room waiting for a few more people to put in before I actually make a post. So my pre-post will come over the weekend.

My posts will come either frequent or less because I start work on Monday. I am trying to relax for the weekend and not have to stress at all. So let me jump into Abnormality Event line up.

Abnormality Event Line Up:

  • Anxious Angel
  • Aether
  • Static
  • Tardfish
  • Inzoxi
  • Cerberus

are just a few of the sponsor line up.

Regular Stores:

  • Acid Rayne Inc
  • Coffee Paws
  • Normandy
  • Nefekalum Tattoos
  • WickedPup
  • Cubura
  • River of Stars

and more!

So we have a stellar list of designers that showed up and popped off for this round. It’s going to be a blast! The event runs from August 7th through August 28th. So please be sure to check the event out because it’s out if this world.


Hair: Raven Bell – Gem Hair

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Skin: Eojid – Hemiko Overlay – Albino [New][@ Abnormality Event]

Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Perky


Top: SEKA’s Cyberlita Top [New][@ Mainframe]

Skirt: SEKA’s Cyberlita Skirt [New][@ Mainframe]

Panties: duckie . barely there legacy white [modded/tinted]


Mask: Butanik83 – Cyber Guru Face Shield [New][@ Mainframe]

Arms: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Infinity Arms [New][@ Mainframe]

Weapons: SAC M9 SWORD Pistol [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Head Fins: HappyPaws – Axolotl Ears

Tail: HappyPaws – Tail Tassel

Nails: .Obsidian. x Quirky – Chipped Nails – Legacy

Pose: SAC M9 Sword Poses [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Backdrop: TROPIX // Light Motel Scene [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

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