Narcissus Zion LeBeau

Narcissus Zion LeBeau

Meet Narcissus Zion LeBeau, she is a teenager that attends Hogwarts. Her house is Slytherin. She is a transfer student from America that went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic now she attends Hogwarts. FYI I am not even sure if they can transfer schools. Harry Potter fans that are really into the universe please do not come hard for me I am out of my element with this scene. I did use to roleplay at Mischief Manage when it first opened up, but I stopped roleplay long after that. So this is technically my last roleplay character. So I am revising her.

I am breaking a bit of rules here. Don’t think they can have piercings and wear makeup, but I didn’t give her heavy makeup just some eyeliner an green eyeshadow. Piercings wasn’t too over done, but she is a teenager an she has a rebellion streak about her. I took the official sorting hat test an I did get slytherin house again, I was a little bit off on my wand choice when I first made her but not much. I had her first wand 11 inches an Yew with a unicorn hair core, but the website gave me Sycamore wood with a unicorn hair core, 10′ and surprisingly swishy flexibility. So I wasn’t very far off. I was really close. lool

Her parents background is a bit iffy I hadn’t decided on what I wanted them to be. I am never set on just being one thing I am always a duo of something so I had her dad a curse breaker an the captain of aurors an her mom was a herbologist an a magizzologist. My patronus was FIRST a Mink an then I got a Swift so I kinda like both of them. I hadn’t decided on which one I want to use, but they both spoke about my personality an such so I am conflicted on which one I want to use.

Nothing in here is from Wizarding Faire which opens up on the 7th, this is just me getting mentally prepared for it. This is my final post for Midnight Order, maybe give or take. So I hope yall enjoy the photo! It’s something new an different from me.



Hair: Doe. Vee Hair [New][@ The Crystal Heart]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX LILLY 3.1

Skin: Nonnative – Deja Skin – Mali – NB [New][@ Powder Pack]

Body: The Mesh Body Legacy Perky


Top: ApricotPaws – Velo Shirt, Tucked: Pinstripe Wine


Glasses: Ichigo* – Kokoro Glasses ( Metal Pack ) [No Longer available]

Rings: RAWR! Hectate Rings [New][@ Midnight Order]

Earrings: e.marie // Jasmine Earrings – Silvers

Heart: !Reliquary – Lodestone Heart


Eyebrows: Nar Mattaru – Medusa HD Brows [New][@ Midnight Order]

Eyeshadow: Psycho:Byts – Drusilla Eyeliners [New][@ Midnight Order]

Nails: Gorsimi – Almonds nails [Hud #03] [New][@ Midnight Order]

Scar: [avarosa] Scar – Type 8 Left


Screens: Eclectica Curiosities – Revival Dressing Room Screen Set [New][@ Midnight Order]

Candles: Yokai – Candle B

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