Wizarding Faire is upon us and I have to say I am so happy to take place in it. As I said I dusted off my very old character from when I started out at Mischief Managed an revamped her. Even then she had a pygmy puff, but I believe the one I had back then it was green to match the house or maybe it was purple. I am not really sure. But this time I tried NOT to put myself into the character an gave her her favorite colour Yellow and Blue. So her Pygmy Puff is called Somber and it’s not Somber at all. It’s quite derpy an happy. As I said she is the worse Slytherin. She honestly shouldn’t BE in slytherin which is her concept I have with her. It’s not a Harry Potter situation where he could be in Slytherin but he picked Gryffindor, no she is really suppose to be Slytherin just her personality is not the qualities of one.

It’s a very short event, but we have some really great designers in it. It closes I believe the 27 of August maybe 20th. But be sure to check it out. I’ll be using my character thoughout the Wizarding Faire posts doing all sorts of antics and spells! So stay tune!



Hair: .Olive. the Jo Hair [New][@ Wizarding Faire]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX FLEUR 3.1


Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Perky


Dress: CURELESS[+] Wizard Apprentice Outfit


Glasses: Ichigo* – Kokoro Glasses ( Metal Pack )

Pygmy Puff: [The Emporium] Pygmy Puff ‘De Base’ Hair: [New][@ Wizarding Faire]

Wand: StarSugar – Zodaic Wand – Taurus Wand [New][@ Wizarding Faire]

Rings: Vibing — Leah Rings — Silver

Nails: .Quirky. Solid Medium Nails


Eyeshadow Highlight: Agape. Ulzzang Kit {Eyeshadow Highlight}

Eyeshadow: Agape. Ulzzang Kit {Simple Eyeshadow}

Puffy eyes: Agape. Ulzzang Kit {Puffy Eyes Shadow}


Pose: Fashiowl – Hermione Bento Pose Set [New][@ Wizarding Faire]

Books: DISORDERLY. / Paper Magic /

Shelves: DISORDERLY. / The Great Library

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