System Overload

System Overload

Friday the 13th an yes I have my Jason Voorhees t-shirt on! My Uncle loved the Friday the 13th series. It’s kinda a bad day for both my mom an I, but I am trying not to let it get me down an I’m trying to keep her positive an strong for both her an I, but sometimes I just can’t. I normally don’t do complete NSFW (not safe for work) photos. I try to keep them semi nudity or tasteful, but I told myself I want to push my boundaries an besides I don’t feel like my normal self anymore.

I don’t feel like myself before everything that has happened. I’ve changed completely as a person an I am just completely different. But anyways lets talk about the mod.

This mod is from a store called Umbra. The mod is called Koisho II Calm II.

The mod includes:

  • Female & Femboi Skins {Adult & PG)
  • 2 Ear textures for Adorned Ears for Wickedpup
  • 1 tail textue for Amalthea tail texture for Sweetthing
  • 1 ear texture for C. Cauged Ears texture for Chimera Gauged Notched Ears.
  • Legacy Applier
  • Omega Applier
  • Short tail texture for Happy Paw
  • 2 ear textures for Edgier ears for Wickedpup
  • 2 ear textures for Folded ears for Wickedpup
  • 1 tail texture for Whisk Fox tail
  • 6 Coyote Head Appliers 3 Black Fangs/3 White fangs for Cerberus Coyote Head.
  • 2 textures for Regal fluff
  • 1 head/neck texture

That is a lot of what you get in this mod an I have to say I am really impressed. Just typing all that out I was like did I count everything an did I get everything correct. I’ve never used a mod by Umbra before. I do watch her flickr an I like her photos. I know OF her work, but I never actually used nor bought any of her mods. Angel actually recommended that I try her mod out an I was like eh…because I don’t particularly like change and it’s hard for me to take to something. But once I put myself together I was like I AM FEELIN’ MYSELF IN THIS! I put the gold fang texture on and I was like GURRRRRRRRL. I can get it! I felt really good in this. I only had one tail to fit the mod an I wasn’t bout to go buy a 500 or whatever price it was for SweetThings tail. I thought the Happy Paw short tail worked better an looked better. I personally would’ve went with a different ear choice, but I already owned the edgier ears so I just wore them.

I give the mod a 8/10. The thing that bothered me was the heart emblem above the belly button. If that wasn’t there I would’ve given it a 9/10. It felt like I was wearing a belly button ring already and it just bothered me. I probably could’ve covered it up but it just bothered me. I’m not sure if she made different colours, but I would love to see this in a different colour than Purple. I know yall are like LE GASP, no purple!? NOW I am not sure if the review copy I received was just a purple copy an the event has more, but I would’ve loved a different colour if ya get my drift, but otherwise it’s a great mod! Go get it at Abnormality which is running till the end of August!



Hair: Clawtooth – Strong Winds [No longer available]

Head: Cerberus – Coyote Female head v1.0

Mod: +U M B R A + KOISHO II CALM II BOM SKIN F {ADULT} [New][@ Abnormality Event]

Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Original


Ears: :: wickedpup :: EDGIER EARS // XL

Cybernetics: [Krieger] Interface Plugs [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Nipple Rings: rotten . cupid’s shield [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Vagina: The V – Bento by Session & ASA LEGACY PERKY + ORIGINAL V1.53

Nails: Gorgeous Doll – Queenin’ Claws

Tentacle Marks: ::Axix:: Tentacle Body Marks [Bruised]


Pose: Black Cats Creation – Grabbing Hands Pose 4 [New][@ The Darkness Event ]


Tentacles: {AII & Ego} Forbidden Ritual Tentacles [New][@ Midnight Order]

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