Creature from the lagoon

Creature from the lagoon

So my photo didn’t go as planned. I actually had to retake this photo. I loved the environment that I had it in, but my colours clashed. So I blurred the background so I can stand out. But I really loved how I went with this idea, just that my photo didn’t portray it correctly. But I think I did a great job on it regardless. Something different.

Anyways I left the computer and came back an forgot what I was typing so going to make this short and simple. Midnight Order and Mainframe has opened. Mainframe closes on the 13th of August and Midnight Order closes on August 20th. So I’ll have more looks between here and there. Also tonight Warehouse Sale opens up so it’s gonna be a busy few days for more as I knock out all of my stuff.

Sims 4 update is here this weekend so Imma take two days off maybe don’t know yet to play some sims 4. So I’ll see yall tomorrow or Sunday!



Head: BeSpoke – Alien Observer – Head (female) [1.0] [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy Perky


Corset: [The DeadBoy] Devoradora Body (Legacy Perky) [New][@ Midnight Order]


Collar: [CX] Necronomic Mother – Collar – Metal/S/RARE

Webs: {Aii} Webbed Hands

Rings: RAWR! Trinity Rings

Nails: RAWR! Trinity Nails

Eye Tendrils: ::Static:: Elst Eyes – Light Tails

Pose: Black Cats Poses – Witching


Wall: Love – Small Church Ruin

Flowers: Love – Fantasma Starlight Fern

Grass: Love – Essential Grass

Background: K&S – Moonlight Backdrop

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