Unseen Assailant

Unseen Assailant

This is a very late late post, I was suppose to post this yesterday but by the time I actually finished the post because I was dilly dallying I just went to sleep. So I won’t get really into full story plot behind this, but I took my inspiration from Noxturnal dual pose set. I was actually looking for someone to take a photo with but I have no photo buddy so I just took it from my sort of angle an so forth. Wizarding Faire closes it’s doors tomorrow so you have all day today an maybe tomorrow to get some items. I have some FLF birthday Bash items in here! So it’s a ton of mix an match items. I am going to take a close up of the items in the back so you can get a better look! So go get them while you can!



Hair: barberyumyumB17FLF(FAT) (B)style2 [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash]

Head: Lelutka / Lilly 3.1

Skin: Dernier – Chaerin – Sunkiss

Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Perk


Outfit: {Rosier} / Bookclub Uniform / Maitreya (Black) [Yes, Rosier’s outfits DO fit Legacy without deformers I recommend to try their demos before you buy them, but their cuts works fine with me an I buy a LOT of Rosier items on Kawaii Sunday.]

Stocks: Orange*Pekoe – Over knee socks – Black

Shoes: Orange*Pekoe – (2) SECRET Pointy flats Maitreya [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]


Glasses: Ichigo* – Kokoro Glasses

Wand: Star Sugar/Skelly Bones Skull Wand ( Bronze ) [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]


Background: ChiMia:: Marais Apartment [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash]

Pose: Noxturnal – Dueling Poses and Stage [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Sofa: Disorderly./ common study / Couch / Blue [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Table: DRD – Mage’s Den – crystal magick [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Chairs: Disorderly./ common study / chair / Black [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Table: DISORDERLY. / Common Study / Table [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Owl: HEXtraordinary Owl Sconce [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash]

Panel: [CURELESS+HOME] Vitreaux Panels [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash]

Bookcase: Lost+Doll – Potion Bookcase [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Potions: Lost+Doll – Potion Bundle 1 & 2 [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

Cabinets: Sari-Sari – Apothecary Storehouse Cabinets [New][@ The Wizarding Faire]

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