It’s all about Kodeine now

“They was sleeping, yea they was sleeping.

Now that ass is awake now.

Fuck everybody else.

It’s all about Kodeine now.”

So, tad bit late with Powder Pack first post. I was going to do a video of unpacking, but I decided not too. I didn’t really feel up to hassling around with the video editing and so forth so Imma just do my three post and talk about the packages this round. Now dear readers I did mention that this round we were getting a Genus pack and then I said we weren’t because I saw Lelutka Evo X first? Buuuut a few days later Genus came out so I take back my last post about not getting Genus! So we do have a Genus Powder Pack this month as well Lelutka Evo X.

This post is dedicated to Evo X first then I’ll do Genus. I am not sure when Catwa is coming out but I am sure they will come out soon so be patient ladies. Lets talk about what you get with this Lelutka Evo X Powder Pack.

Lelutka Evo X Powder Pack July:

  1. Bellucci – Expensive Lipstick
  2. IDTTY FACES – Pop Star Collection
  3. Not Found – Katie Hairbase 8 Colors
  4. Utopia Elle Fatpack [Skin Appliers not included]
  5. Top1salon HD Powder Lipstick
  6. Heaux Misha – Fatpack [Bold & Beauty Skin Appliers needed]
  7. Ives Sofia Skin [Moccino & Velours Skin Appliers needed]
  8. Nonnative Deja Skin Deluxe

So of course I instantly clicked on Ives. Ladies if you prefer lighter tones then Ives I would recommend this pack for you. It goes all the way up to Sienna (?) for Velour and Golden for Moccino Beaute.

Heaux’s skins I am not familiar with at all. I’m a huge fan, but I admit I don’t own any of the body appliers that she tends to use to match up with her faces. I tried on the Misha face and it was very beautiful on Briannon head, but sadly I don’t own the Bold & Beauty body appliers. Q.Q And I’m not familiar with Bold & Beauty’s tones but Almond, Amber and Cinnamon were to my liking of skin tone.

THIS was my favorite: IDTTY FACES Pop star collection. I loved the eyeshadow, I instantly took a liking to it. I do not own any Idtty faces items, but trying the items from Powder Pack I am a fan. When I saw how vibrant the eyeshadow was it was on. NOW, the lipstick I was too fond up, that palette I just couldn’t see going with the eyeshadow, but I’ll show yall even though I didn’t use it.

The skin I used was Utopia Elle. I previously used one of her skins from Warehouse Sale and with the help of my blog manager from there to save me some linden and time because I just wanted to try the skin I was able to match it up with Velour Mali neck fix and body. Now in the face it’ll look a bit dark and highlights off but I am okay with that I would still recommend you ladies to get the body appliers. I’m just lazy, don’t be like me. So Utopia Elle skin is the fatpack and it includes the matching ears for Evo X, comes with a shape for Avalon, and it’s brow & browless. You have 7 skin tones.

How do I feel about this pack? Eh, it was decent this round. I would say this pack isn’t for me. There are some items I didn’t try, but I will be looking into getting the Bold & Beauty appliers so I can try Heaux’s skin. But it’s good that light skinned ladies are getting love as well. I am happy for that. I would highly recommend this pack for them! My next review will be for Genus then after that I’ll just do a regular post featuring either Lelutka or Genus!


Hair: Moon. Hair. // Feather

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0

Skin: [Utopia] Elle / Terra / Browless / Lel Evo X [New][@ Powder Pack]

Eyes: Petrichor – Jeune Eye [New][Previous Warehouse Sale]

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy Perky


Pasties: . The Rotting Lab . Type III Pasties


Arm: ~HopScotch~ Wireframe Arms (Maitreya) [New][@ Mainframe]


Choker: ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Unholy Choker

Cigarette: EVERMORE – EDGY CIGARETTE (LIT.B) [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]


Nose enhancement: polar<3bunny – button nose – Fix Skin – 90%

Eyebrows: Skoll – Sylas eyebrows [New][@ Mainframe]

Facial cosmetics: Skoll – Cable Face Set [New][@ Mainframe]

Tattoo: Apocalyptic Tattoo – Triangles [New][@ Mainframe]

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