I’ll possess you, but I don’t

I’ll possess you, but I don’t

Genus Powder Pack for July is here an finally I am blogging it. It took me like two days to come up with a outfit to even blog this because for starters I had no idea where I was going with this and two I was in a really depressive funk. I don’t want to go into details about it, but just know it’s still not over.

So yet again I forgot what I was typing because I had to get up from the computer an do something today. So with that I am just going to get right into the Genus Powder Pack review.


  • Bellucci – Expensive Lipstick
  • Velour Anna Eyeshadow
  • Top1Salon HD Powder Lipstick
  • Nonnative Prynaka Skin Deluxe
  • IDTTY Faces Pop Star Collection
  • Psycho Pills – Zero Skin Collection
  • Gloom – Primadonna Collection
  • Ives – Stalker Lipstick – Fatpack

For the skins you have to get the body appliers for them! As always for this skin for Nonnatives you need Velour’s Impanema Body appliers. Psycho Pills you can find their body appliers at their main store. I’ll even link it for you. Now I opened nearly all the items for Genus.

I think I am just not a fan of dark palettes of lipsticks. I think I need a matte palette or really bright one so I am just automatically going to be biased towards the palettes. Ive’s has a darker lipstick palette. Now I actually finally like a lipstick palette from Top1Salon. It’s a nude type and soft. I am actually wearing this in the photo above. Bellucci also had a dark palette an as I said before I am starting t o become biased towards dark palettes.

The two skins that was included was Nonnatives an Psycho Pills. I didn’t try Psycho Pills at all so I can’t tell you anything about it. I instantly went for Nonnatives. This pack was mostly cosmetics. I did appreciate Gloom giving us eyeballs because I am a eye addict. I would have loved to see a cosmetic from Gloom in the near future instead of just eyes. I get that Gloom is focusing on Lelutka because that is where the money is, but I Gloom you do have fans that wear Genus. HELLO.

That concludes my little review on Powder Pack! Next photo I take with Powder Pack will not be detailed nor show off anything. I am just going to take a picture wearing the items. To save me time since majority of the grid should have the items already. If not then you should get them because they are bomb. So for now on you’ll get two reviews or three depends on if all three packs come out and a photo.



Hair: *Besom~ Beautiful Maids

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W001

Skin: Nonnative – Pryanka – Chocolate – No Brow [New][@ Powder Pack]

Eyes: Gloom – Primadonna Collection [New][@ Powder Pack]

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy Perky


Shrug: Violent Seduction – Moros Bolero – Legacy (Black)[New][@Epiphany]

Dress: Violent Seduction – Moros Dress – Legacy Perky Lights [Rare][New][@ Epiphany]


Headsticks: cinphul // tempest [hairstick] [New][@ Mainframe]

Earrings: cinphul // tempest ii [earring.l] [New] [@ The Warehouse Sales]

Headpiece: +Psycho Barbie+ [Rosary Cross Headpiece]

Cigarette: .06 [ kunst ] – Short Cigarette Holder

Nose ring: BONDI . The Extrovert Nose Ring

Nose ring 2: BONDI . The Extrovert Nostril

Nails: Skellybones — The Lemon Zester [New][@ Midnight Order]

Collar: [CX] Hell’s Harbinger (Worn Leather+Corroded)


Eyeshadow: Velour – Anna Eyeshadow [BOM] [New][@ Powder Pack]

Lipstick: Top1Salon – HD Powder Lipstick [New][@ Powder Pack]

Face Tattoo: Lilithe’// Skadi Tattoos – Head + Cheeks Fade – Faded [Rare 3][New][@ Midnight Order]

Body Tattoo: Lilithe’// Nang Kwak Tattoos – Faded

Mole: EVERMORE. [ beauty.mark – freebie]

Cup: !Reliquary – The Outlaw’s Tea Set


Backdrop: VARONIS – Path to Absolution Backdrop

Pose: Made by me.

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