Stage 2

The mists has spread and revealed several sims of nothing, but treasures beyond your wildest imagination. Roleplay, Faires, quests, festivals and all sorts of creatures to hold your delights. This creature before you will be your guide for this year Fantasy Faire 2018 

This female teal seductress will captivate your interest and take a journey into the parting mist and experience where most hadn’t and many have.  You only have limited time to journey to the Faire grounds, otherwise the mists will spread and enclose the regions for a whole year and you’ll have to wait for the mists to spread it’s reveal once again….



Hair: Doe – Emma [Gingers][New][@ The Seasons Story]

Skin: Sinful Needs – Reverie – Female – Beryl [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Eyebrows: Beaute – Natural Eyebrows v1 [New][@ Applique]

Eyes: Ascendant – Valery Eyes [New][@ Applique]

Eyelashes: Artery – Lily Eyelashes [New][@ Applique]

Ears: Sinful Needs – Mesh Fae Ears – S8D1


Outfit: Psycho Barbie – Hades Harness RFL [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Horns: Cubic Cherry – Dark Ruler Horns – Silver [Gacha]

Horns 2: Soul – Caste of Thorns – Servant


Pose: Serendipity: no more promises (1)

Plants: c( TC ) Alien Plant ZBX [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Divider: %Percent – Art Deco Room Divider (Z-multi) *MESH* [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

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