We are the ones

“Come here and join us, we know what your body needs.”

“We are the ones who walk for every hunting in the dark.”

“Nobody will escape the hunger.”

“Nobody’s getting any younger.”

“We are the ones who will appreciate.”

“Tomorrow you will have no sorrow.”


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Skin Fair 2013: Amacci

Amacci is not only known by hair, also by skins! I am please to present Mirelle, she is a nice chocolate tone, and a nice young face.  I have to say, yes this is a very different color I am use to seeing Syn in, since I like to make her stick to nice caramel type tones, but I am really loving the tone. The most features I think look good are the eye sand nose. In most skins I look to see how the lips and eyes are, but I would change up how her lips look to make it more perfect in my mind.

First I’ll start you with the photos and then I’ll tell you what is included in on the packaging of the skins!

AmacciSkinFair1[Left from Right: Clear, Natural, Ruby, Drama, Cherry, Fresh]

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