Now let’s get medicated
Man, let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Man I’m hella faded
Man, let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Man I’m hella faded
I’m hella faded


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Candy Showers brings out a Lollipop Girl

When I did these photos I was thinking of like bright colors, kind of more of a tacky kawaii type outfit, but it would actually be cute in a sort of matter. At least I thought it looked cute. I’m wearing some new items from Sn@tch, Bubble, Insanya, Ploom, and C.C. Kre-ation. Also some new cute furniture from a store called Myrrine!

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Hair Overload Vol 2.

Okay, so I have some new hairstyles from a new shop called Koy, Ploom, and Tameless Hair. I am going to go into a wee bit of detail as for Tameless Hair. This new pack she released has been retextured hence why it looks a bit different than her normal textures. All her textures has been redone so you have an Roots option. I admit that the new textures look a hell of a lot better and the hair style that I am wearing works really well with it. I hope in the future she retexture some of her hair that I like. Koy, is a new hair store by Ploom’s copartner that helps out her out. I had NO clue where the hair came from, but I remember seeing the name at The Attic once when I bought a hair pack that I had to have.  There’s nothing negative to say about the hair all the hair fits fine on my fursona, expect Ploom’s I have to wear my lop ears for the big Pony Tails but all the hairs fits. Koy and Ploom are rigged Mesh, Tameless Hair is non-rigged mesh.


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Rez Day!

“Throwin’ money in the air, Like I don’t really care!”

“Standin’ on the chair like, I don’t really care!”

“Got bitches by the pair, I’m baller of the year!”

“And haters everyhere but, I don’t really care!!” 

“Mean mug them back yellin’ out I’m gettin’ cake!!”

” No I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t really care!!”


Its my rez day! And I could only think of one song at the moment to describe how I am feelin’? I just wanna run around different sims cause its my rez day and I don’t really care! I just feel like runnin’ around screamin’ at like random folks cause its my rez day and I don’t really care!  Ha-ha! Its my fourth Rez Day, anyways gonna go find something to do!!  Bye!

Beautiful Zombie Suicide

Zombie Suicide to me is one of those stores that is totally overlooked. Isis is a jack of all trades type woman and she does it well. Tattoos, Clothing, Piercings, and Make-up. All under one roof. When I am in her store most of the time I come for an item but I end up with a complete outfit. Good store! She also participates in Hunts as well. She released some nice eye shadow and lipsticks. I am not really too crazy about the lipsticks. I am a fan of bright lipsticks and such, but for it being close to Easter, I think they are fab and Springy. The one thing I do really adore is the eye shadow.


Eyeshadow add-on set 1: Brown, Green, Purple, Pink,and Blue [NEW][There is NO grey]

Lip color add-on set 1: Grey, Green, Purple, Pink and Blue [NEW] [There is NO brown]

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