“She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer”

“But if you want some coke, that’s cool, cause my homies still.”

“Yeah my homies still”

“My homies still”

“Don’t make my goons go stupid”

“Go stupid, go stupid, ya.”

For Sugah’s look please visit her blog!

She was a wonderful person to take photos with!



Hair: Ink – Colored Pencil w/ shortcut – Copper/Ginger

Body paint: Izzie’s – Color Explosion – Body & Face Paint Splatters [New][@ Mesh Body Addicts]



Tank: Epoch – Jetta Harness tank/black

Shorts: D-style – Denim Shorts – Black

Shoes: Flite – Retro Gliders v2 – Fatpack



Mask: AsteroidBox – K Tagger – Respirator Mask – Blue [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Leg Strap: AsteroidBox – K-Tagger – Leg Holster – Blue [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette




Backdrop: Ninety – Subway Train Party

Signs: Asteroidbox – K-Tagger Gacha Set – Wall Spray – It’ fucked [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Signs: Asteroidbox – K-Tagger Gacha Set – Wall Spray – Fuck you! [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Can: Asteroidbox – K-Tagger Gacha Set –  Spray can – Blue [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Bag: Candy Crunchers – Summon – Rare & Smiles [New][@ The Gacha Garden]

Paint set: Katat0nik – Street Artist

Luggage – Random.Matter – Around the World – Luggage [PG] Rare.


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