I said sit, damn it

Moving into a new apartment with two new puppies they can be quite needy. I didn’t realize that they would eat so much. I am off to the store for the the third time today this time to get more dog food a few food items and guess what more puppy food. While I was on the way I grabbed some cigarettes on the way to calm my nerves for when these two brats get out of control. I love them and all when I went to the recuse shelter and found them. They were abandoned newly after their mother was killed and was left behind a dumpster. 

It wasn’t my intentions on going to the shelter and picking out an animal, I mean have them come visit me left and right when I am working, but something about these two siblings just made the scowl on my face fade a little less when their history was being told to me. The worker looked at me with a plea as if please take them you could use them yourself.  So I pointed a finger at them and  snapped my fingers and said I’ll take them. As soon as they heard that they lifted their depressed heads up and their tongues rolled out of their maws and they started barking non stop and running around in the cage.

Once I loaded the two up on my skoota made sure they were secure we were off to start a new life together. They seemed to like the skoota barking at whoever got close to try to pet them with those sharp puppy teeth. Good heathens.

NOW, I didn’t realize how much it would cost to raise not ONE but TWO puppies. I nearly passed out how much these little critters eat and vet bills. They eat as if they have a bottomless pit in their stomach more than I do. Let’s not stop there and if a certain food don’t agree with them they’ll throw up which is gross.  Which I picked the perfect name for these two 

Meet Brat and Ick welcome to the family. 



I said sit, damn it

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Krampus is near…

I do not like the holiday’s. I LOATHE the holiday’s. Yes, I’m a Grinch or a Scrooge. So my plan until after the holiday’s is to be more of a dark holiday tale of wonder in some sort of way. I’ve been running around on the grid like this for a bit since Syn is stuck in her beastly form. Till I can figure out how to get her back or her friends can she’s stuck like this for awhile.

Promo: Krampus wannabe...


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Alchemist adventure

Nargol Gra’Yarzol was the name I gave my halfling Orc. I don’t know much hell let me rephrase that. I dont’ know ANY Orc lore other than that there like bad and mean and tough.  My good friend Nimil of Songbird sent me a few links to give me a rundown so I combinded like several different lores along with WoW, D&D and so forth. Just a small run down, her father was a Chieftain of a proud war clan. Instead of her father drowning her he sent her away to live with her mother.

Trail and error she didn’t feel happy living among the humans due to her being a halfling she was sent to her father at a ripe age, then he had too much pride and turned her away. Along her journey of self discovery she meet a human male. Much talk was passed between the two till she just followed him to a sanctuary for the unwanted. More like a school where she too learned the ways of becoming an alchemist along with her human male companion.

Please visit Lola’s blog post for more in-depth details!

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Thou shalt not syn

“What ya thinkin’ wearin’ that skirt?”

“What ya thinkin’ bein’ a flirt?”

“What ya thinkin’ wearin’ P.V.C?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

“What ya thinkin’ smellin’ like dirt, bad poetry of pain and hurt?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

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Sn@tchin’ Sn@tch

” I’m gettin’ this money, I’m stackin’ my broccoli”

“I’m runnin’ my city.”

“You might gotta pay me if you land on my property”

” I bought the boardwalk and I parked on the ave.”

” My Life’s like monopoly.”

“You caught a new case and yo got outta jail.”

“Boy, you look like a cop to me!”

Urban Imp2

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