Now let’s get medicated
Man, let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Man I’m hella faded
Man, let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Let’s get medicated
Man I’m hella faded
I’m hella faded


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“She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer”

“But if you want some coke, that’s cool, cause my homies still.”

“Yeah my homies still”

“My homies still”

“Don’t make my goons go stupid”

“Go stupid, go stupid, ya.”

For Sugah’s look please visit her blog!

She was a wonderful person to take photos with!


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Different to me

“Screamin’ til we overdose”

“I almost did the other day”

“You can’t handle what you’re seein'”

“Baby, you should look away” 

“I was layin’ in the kitchen”

“Shit, i didn’t even Pray” 

“Smile all on my face” 

“This the shit that I embrace” 

Different to me

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Chilled Hills

“This beat hit hard like mallets”

“24 like karats”

“I stay smoking raw organics”

“Like a chainsaw trees vanish”

“Tell me your name, so I can forget it”

“I’m in the fast lane”

“And you at the exit”

Chilled Hills

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Thou shalt not syn

“What ya thinkin’ wearin’ that skirt?”

“What ya thinkin’ bein’ a flirt?”

“What ya thinkin’ wearin’ P.V.C?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

“What ya thinkin’ smellin’ like dirt, bad poetry of pain and hurt?”

“What ya thinkin’?”

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” I see bodies in the mirror”

” I see baddies in the square”

“I’m quite partial when it’s suits me.”

“I’m a septic nom de guerre”

” What’s this problem that you speak of.”

“Is it more than meat and bone.”

“I’d like to crown you with my ardor, but my heart has been dethroned.”

“And we all sing.”

“No glow”


“No hope”


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