But babe they’re just Hot Dogs

So this entire post was to be extremely funny, because I am extremely derpy and She wasn’t paying attention inworld when I was rezzing items.

So I said “Babe, what animal do you want??!”

Her: A bunny!

Add’s random bunnies.

Me: Hmm…missing some phood and stuff. I know I have tons of clutter.

Her in la la land not paying attention. So I rezzed hot dogs lol Then she goes.


Me: But they’re just hot dogs?!

Her: Where is the table!?

Me: What table?! We just moved in! Let it be bare!

Everyone else on discord is laughing at us because Hot dogs :D

"But babe they're just hot dogs"


Hair: Pr!tty – Lemon – Colorfuls [New][@ The Gacha Garden]



Shirt: Blueberry –  Lace Top [Gift][1L on MP]

Shorts: Addams – Pearl Short – N*44

Sneakers: Momento x Ariskea – Late summer daze sneakers [Maitreya] [Rare]



Tattoo: Dysphoria – Solstitium Tattoo [New]

Gloves: Masoom – Julia Bento Gloves Black [New][@ Cosmopolitan]

Necklace: Amala – The Crybaby necklace

Glasses: Anachron – Round Frame Glasses



Couch: Dekute Dekore [Mesh] Plush Sofa – Neutral

Bunnies: Jian – Floppy Ear Bunny – Static – Look Up L,  Sleep , & Look Up R

Rug: [CIRCA] – “Free Love” Area Rug – LOVE – Grey / Char

Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Polka-dots Cafe

Hotdogs: MadPea Hot Dog

Fries: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Fries Box (Red)

Beer: MadPea Bow Bells Boozer India Pale Ale Bottle

Beer 2: MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Bitter Bottle

Heart: Chez Moi – Neon Heart Wall Decor

Windows: +Half-Deer+ Faux Window – Sunny Day (High Blinds)

Lamp: Apple Fall Amy’s Corner Lamp

Pose: Foxcity – Tough Love [New][@ Sanarae]

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