“She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer”

“But if you want some coke, that’s cool, cause my homies still.”

“Yeah my homies still”

“My homies still”

“Don’t make my goons go stupid”

“Go stupid, go stupid, ya.”

For Sugah’s look please visit her blog!

She was a wonderful person to take photos with!


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Mysterious Ghoul


Mysterious Ghoul

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Sybor Steam

When I got these items, the first thing that came into my mind wasn’t a hard core cyber goth or steampunk. I tried to do a mix with the items given to me and I came up with a Sybor Steam ordeal. The items are from the TimeKiller II festival which was an amazing event and performances. Great job everyone! I’ll be broadcasting more items from this event even after it ends.


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‘Till I collapse

“Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak”

“And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.”

“Bu you gotta search within you, and gotta find that inner strength.”

“And just pull that out shit of you.”

“And get that motivation to not give up, and not be a quitter.”

“No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your ace, and collapse.”

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Mix and Match

Few things that are going on here. I had a small blogger block, well I take that back a rather large one. I couldn’t figure out how to do these items and outfit. Besides the point, Lumae,  has a new makeup called Nightshade that was out previous last Lazy Sunday. She also has a TON of new skins being released this month at several different venues that I’m having trouble keeping it.

Next, Zombie Suicide has finally made some new mesh ears.  There are a few things that I hope she improves on, but right now if your looking for a basic mesh ear that is in the right cost that includes piercings and huds, then take the SLurl to her shop and get them.  Next she made some new wings, chibi bat wings comes in several different colors three rare choices. I’m wearing Rare 1. Remember this is a Gacha item.

Doe, doe, doe, doe, I think. My favorite hair pack since Doe came out is Neons. I promised myself I would start wearing Reds again or the Candy pack, but I just keep going straight to the neons. This is a gacha item and it’s also not rare.

Gauze has decided to open up a new store that’s more Alternative and Adult related. It’s called Glitter Trash. Some of you may know Gauze as an fantasy type store well, if you were a fan of Gauze you’ll be sure to love Glitter Trash. The first release was a ton of things, that I’m still opening up in my inventory.

Anyways that’s a little bit of what I had to explain or want to get my thoughts out on, but for now enjoy the look and take the Slurls over to the venues to get the items.

Mix and Match

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