The Succubus

Shocked that I look different right? I am surprised too. I told myself a million years I wouldn’t get the Koopa body, but welp Sugah and I both got it. I also bought her some deformers to go along with it so she doesn’t struggle. After fiddling around with it once again over the past days I actually got a decent shape I quite like. Now Before I start on Catwa I just want to say thank you for giving us Sasa when it wasn’t ready for release for Skin Fair. I actually always wanted to get my hands on a Catwa HDPro head just to see what it’s about and give MY opinion and agree to disagree with everyone else. I love the hud and the ideas that went into it. I love the simple fact that I can change the hud to a different colour than some dreadful standard black and white or some depressing colour. I know that sounds kind of odd, but I like colour. I enjoy having pixie ears that protrude without having to tint and go through the process of matching mine, readjusting to each head.

Well I hadn’t worn Catwa in forever so I don’t have anything to fit the HDPRO stuff so I went with basically basics that either came with the head, skin fair, and I owned and made it work. But most likely I just used the basic stuff that came with it. The Eyelashes I wasn’t a fan of either I couldn’t figure out how to make them not black but pure white and tintable it would’ve been much better. The fluid of the hud is great not laggy. I do like that she has it so that you can tint nearly everything and I do like that I can tint the inside of the mouth. So the inside of my mouth matches my mutant gums. One neat thing that Catwa did that other brands didn’t she included a split tongue. So I was already won over on that. NOW the one reason why I didn’t wear the teeth is because her older model Teeth ADD-ON you can make your teeth different shapes. On the hud it’s pretty standard.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. I do enjoy that I can wear some of my Genus skins on the head, I feel a few more tweaks and fiddling around I’ll have the Sasa head feeling like myself. I almost have a childish appearance to the face. Sasa is NOT at skin fair but at their mainstore which I provide for you down below.

Few more days left of Skin fair and Skin Fair is goin’ on till the 30th and not the 29th! Date was extended!!



Hair: TRUTH / Forever / + Chest

Skin: CORE MONO SKIN TONE 5 1 [New][@ Skin Fair]

Head: Catwa Sasa HDPRO [New]

Eyes: Gorsimi – Daemon Eyes

Body: Inithium Kupra Original


Dress: Insanya – Tube Dress Party [New][@ Level]

Sleeves: [StudioNova] LATEX Implants Arm


Horns: (( Lovely Alien )) Coleoptera – Horns – Venom

Earrings: .random.Matter. – Caithe Earrings

Rings: Vibing – Leah Rings



Eyebrows: The Natives – Kaiwa Brows Tintable [BOM][New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyeshadow: Quadrametics – Meridiem Eyeshadow 7 [New][@ Skin Fair]

Tattoo: +Psycho Barbie+ [Valkyrie Tattoo] 100%

Veins: TF – Body Veins – Heavy – Dark [BOM]

Lipstick: Velour – New Gods Lipstick #8 [BOM]

Pose: OG – Model Poses [New][@ #BigGirl]

Backdrop: MINIMAL – January Group Gift 2021

An official skin fair post

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