Her business is not exclusive just to the streets but establishments buy her products. Lucky was a well known place for all the depraved and those twisted enough to get their jollies off. If you wanted to dress up in a Superman costume and have Batman spank you then Lucky was the perfect place for you. The people here at Lucky wish to escape reality for that few hours, seconds or days and I bring them that in my handy dandy bag.  So when you see me coming through the doors of Lucky all fantasies are about to become realities.


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Lumae’s Ella skin introduction to Skin Fair

Please be warned that these are appliers only, the base skin has NO face what so ever.

Lumae's Ella Skin Fair

T1 – Milk / Bare, T2 – Cameo / Bare, T3 – Shell/Bare, T4 – Fawn/Bare, T5 – Dolce/Bare


T6 – Tawny / Bare, T7- Nutmeg/Bare, T8 – Mocha/Bare, T9 – Java/Bare, T10 – Carob/Bare

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90s are totally in!

It’s been awhile since I actually really enjoyed blogging with someone. Saka and I always talked about collaborating on blog posts, but we never really followed through. Until one day a very great friend of mine left a present in my IM box told me to enjoy, Thank you ColeMaire. I never really was one to go for rares cause my luck with gachas are horrible. I yardsale or marketplace that’s just me, but Saka had the dress and then my friend Kai had the dress so I was like whoa I got the dress as well.  I took a photo with Saka then Kai was afterwards the next day. It was crazy I felt happy that everyone wanted to take a photo with me, laugh out loud.

It was fun to do some collaborating with these two ladies. I really had fun.

So if you wanna see more from Kai and Saka please check out their blog urls below!

Saka’s SL Fashion Adventure 

Dolly Fabulosity

90's are totally in!

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Chilled Hills

“This beat hit hard like mallets”

“24 like karats”

“I stay smoking raw organics”

“Like a chainsaw trees vanish”

“Tell me your name, so I can forget it”

“I’m in the fast lane”

“And you at the exit”

Chilled Hills

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Help Me

“Oh Mary, Mary”

“To be this young is oh so scary.”

“Mary, Mary”

“To be this young i’m oh so scared.”

“I wanna live, I wanna love.”

“But its a long hard road, out of hell.”

“I wanna live, I wanna love.”

“But its a long hard road, OUT OF HELL!”

I had the pleasure of being a chosen blogger for The Nightmare Event, which starts tomorrow. But early access tickets are on sale tonight! If you’re not familiar with The Nightmare Event I’ll tell you a little bit about it, it’s a yearly event for October and creators brings a scary walkthrough! You have characters, hunt prizes, and obstacles! If you don’t want to do that then look around at the vendors. They brought the scariest, spoopy items for the event! The Nightmare Event is a MUST.

Starts October 1st ends till the end of the month! Landmark will come soon till then enjoy my look featuring Cureless & Disorderly as well as the pose prop box from Poseidon

Help Me

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