Get in losers!

Greetings earthlings! I have more Cyber Fair items for you! Everything within the photo expect for the decorations, lipstick and eye shadow are not available at Cyber Fair. The lipstick and eye shadow set I will be doing a better close up here in a few posts. Not much to say here other that I am cranky for a Saturday night and will probably take a few hours to chillax and then get back to blogging! I have a busy month and I am actually feeling pretty positive with my blogging lately. Rather it’s from rejections or just from my friends giving me encouragement I don’t think I am going to think about quiting again. So once again thank you for the years of support and putting up with my fuzzy butt! Have a good saturday!


PS: The outfit worn is made for Maitreya and Legacy only!! Sorry I am wearing Genus Baby face and Legacy! Cheers

Hair: KMH Hair CP002 [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Eyes: S0ng – Cyborg Eyes [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Goggles: :: ANTAYA :: Cyber glasses White [Common][Gacha][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Horns: :: ANTAYA :: Cyber horn [Common][Gacha][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Ears: [Cubic Cherry] {Altered} [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Bodysuit: :: ANTAYA :: Bodysuit Legacy [Rare][Gacha][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Arms: :: ANTAYA :: Cyber arm Legacy [UltraRare][Gacha][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Legs: :: ANTAYA :: Cyber legs Legacy [UltraRare][Gacha][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Pose: Stun Poses – Qu33n 1 [New][@ Cyber Fair]

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