Unseen Presence

Unseen Presences

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“I had felt so lost before,”
“My boat had somewhere run ashore.”
“I cried out into the night,”
“There was nothing that felt right.”

“I had given myself in,”
“And self-pity was my kin.”
“Now I leave all that behind,”
“To re-emerge and live the dream.”

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Hair Fair 2014 Mash Up

Short and simple these are my favorite hair styles first mash up from Hair Fair 2014 featuring Ploom, Adoness and Tameless Hair! So enjoy


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Cosmetics Overload

I am a bit late on getting out New Releases because I am in the process of moving. So After Saturday I will not be blogging until Next Friday. Cosmetics Fair started and one of my favorite Cosmetics creator La Malvada Mujer is participating once again. She has three sets of eye shadows and lashes out. Then next I have some new cosmetics from Zombie Suicide that is out at Bodify event. I’ll link the two event places so you can stop by and check ’em out yourself.

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