Dial up

Happy Humday my dear readers and non readers. Whichever! In a few days Cyber Fair by Access Event starts and when I tell you this line up is amazing! I don’t wanna spoil it, but man you want to save your money from Pay Day and just go nuts. MAN I am just so excited I am like a kid on Christmas I can’t stop opening up boxes! I can do so much with the items provided it’s just amazing! For starters this jacket by Krankhaus is for Maitreya and Belleza for the ladies. I am in legacy and I have on the deformers so I can fit the Maitreya and face it ladies you know I am a curvy broad and it fits! Even the one that isn’t made BIG you can fit shirts under it without it clipping.
Fika made an amazing augment arm that is bento. It’s made for all main stream bodies and it comes in a million color changeable pieces. It’s really great and even the guys can wear it. TRUST ME guise you won’t regret this event, even if you are not a fan of Cyber Punk or Futuristic items you will find something that will make you go wow, I need this. The link will be provided below but please remember the event opens March 5th.


Hair: [LCKY] Hansel II//nonrigged

Body: The Mesh Project – Legacy

Head: Catwa – Lilly

Arm: Fika: Antebrachium Augmentation [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Ears: [M.O.R] teleri elf ears L

Collar: Never Wish Tech Collar – Green [New][Twisted Hunt]

Glasses: SEKA’s “HVCKED” Eye [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Face mask: SEKA’s “HVCKED” Mask (Pulse 3) [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Jacket: krankhaus – Maitreya – Plastixxx Jacket [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Top: [Cynful] Juliet’s Lingerie – Bra – Maitreya Lara

Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop :. Blueshift (With light) [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Gun: eyecandy – comic gun – pastel

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