Are you on currently looking for omega ready unrigged mesh eyes?? Well Sinful Needs has some that’s perfect for you in every way. These eyes are omega ready, have an eye poser, materials, glow, resizeable, bright, shine, 68 extra slots for eyes plus 20 that’s already on the front page hud; 88.

The most interesting part of the eyes is the Dilation that comes with it. When I first opened the eyes and put them on I was like whoa what’s going on here. I thought something was wrong with my computer but I attached the hud and it said dilation and I was like okay! This is interested. You can control the dilation of the eyes.

Sinful Needs Marketplace

Sinful Needs – Occularum2 Animated Mesh Eyes 

Sinful Needs DEMO – Occularum2 Animated Mesh Eyes


I admit there is a certain flow I find with these eyeballs, this is a review so I am going to give it. I am spoiled when it comes to wearing multiple attachment points as a blogger I will use up all my attachment points. So I am spoiled when it comes to my eyes. So wearing a left and right eye that’s taking up TWO (2) slots for me when I can put on a rigged pair aka; Catwa eyes, which takes up ONE (1) Slot. The only thing I would advise a change is a fitted pair for Mesh head users or rigged pair.

I’m just being honest. I hate to having to adjust my eyeballs now to get it fit for me head I never knew what a pain it was and my friends always told me and I was like it’s not that bad, but after wearing the rigged eyes for a couple of months and wearing unrigged and having to adjust them. It’s a pain.

The hud is pretty straight forward, I can’t explain how simple it is and if you get lost there is a very well detailed notecard that explains what each section is and what each tab and icon does.

Lets talk about the dilation tab a little bit because that’s the big thing that’s different about these eyeballs and that’s what I’m going to highlight.

When you click on the Pose panel, right dead smack in the middle you’ll see all these sliders which control the Dilation panel. These sliders can lock and be used to customize the dilation and animate your eyes. The first two is Min and Max which is pretty easy, that’s the range of the dilation. If you wanted a fixed dilation activate the the lock button to freeze it at the Min. SPD = Speed determines how quickly the pupil goes. LEN determines the maximum length the pupil will stay dilated. DEL sets the minimum delay between dilation, VAR sets the variance that is added to that minimum delay.

My rating for this product out of 5 stars is a 4.3.

This is the Hud 

These are the eyes and this the texture that comes with it when you wear them.


This is the what the hud looks like 

The eyeballs that are already saved in the first two columns are mine, SORRY!


Hair: Ploom – Ouch – Candy

Skin: Amara Beauty – Katie [Exclusive for Powder Pack]

Eye Applier: Curemore – Scar Tissue – Trypophobia Eyes

Eyeshadow: Birth Skins – Glam – Set 2

Lipstick: IT! – Catwalicious Hunt – Lipstick Hud B

Eyebrows: Arise – Kano Brows

Face paint: Enfer Sombre – Halloween Evil Eyes



Top: Sn@tch – Lifted Tank

Glasses: Half-Deer – Batwing Glasses Set

Bracelets: Insanya – Gacha Bracelets – 8 left, 14 Right

Choker: Moon Amore – Eyeholic – Choker – Purple

Gloves: Masoom – Julia Bento Gloves – Black

Earrings: Zombie Suicide – Ouch Cutsie Earing [New][@ Somber]

Lolipop: Ambix – B-Striped Eyeball Lollipop [Cherry] Rare

Backdrop: Anxiety – Madness [Group Gift]

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