Vandal Business

What’s the best to do your undercover operation as the Madame of selling dope? Selling Vandal items to other hooligans that’s what. Once you sell those items they’ll need the good good to cope with whatever they’re doing! Syn’s plan is going just fine the Zoanthrope is settling in just fine to her new territory. She even adopted a new lab pup she called Bugsy after the notorious gangster.


I wonder what’s in store next for this Zoanthrope, stay tuned more of the Zoantrope Choices.

Vandal Services

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Bird Cage

“The soul has illusions as the bird has wings: it is supported by them.” — Victor Hugo

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Under the sea

The Enchantment Event lets say…was quite interesting. Mermaids and Under the sea type creatures are not my thing. So I had the help of my good friend Helena the owner of The Stringer Mausoleum to help me and give me some pointers. Well pointers I mean clothing, and where to take pictures and so forth. Back to the Enchantment Event, it was interesting nonetheless, I only bought one item and I was out of there. I did do the hunt which was a pain in the ass sense there was technically no list, but a good person in the Enchantment group gave me the list.  I’m pretty sure this will be my last Mermaid post, because I honestly will probably be reusing most of these items again.


Anyways below are my pictures I took and well it’s a bit photo heavy so enjoy.



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Flitter Flatter

I’ve been very quiet over the last couple of days. Kind of chilled in fact, waiting for my next major event to start in a couple of days so in-between Of the waiting and their blog posts I’m going to pick up the slack I’ve been doing.  I honestly missed running around in a tail and big fuzzy ears so I’ve been trying to throw outfits together for my Kemono Persona. I’m not very picky when it comes to certain things because of how their built. If it fits, it fits type of deal.  Well I found two nice mods that I’m missing round with, but she’s a hybrid bat, demon thing.  The elements I was going for was a type of Monster High cartoony vibe.  Anyways on with the stats!


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” I want money, power, and glory.”

” I want money, and all your power, all your glory.”

“Hallelujah! I wanna take you for all you got.”

“Hallelujah! I’m gonna take them for all that they got!”

” The sun also rises on those who fail the call.”

“My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls.”

” I can do it if you really really like that.”

“I know what you want, baby”

“I can do it if you think you like that.”

“You should run, boy, run!”

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