U can’t resist

So the last couple of weeks we had a new blogger challenge for SL Blogger Chat. Hopa picked it and it was to recreate the very first photo you took when you started to blog.

My photo was this one located here; Lovely Bunneh. That photo was horrible I will admit that. I could’ve done just a plain background and so forth, but I wanted to make it how I would’ve today. The whole reason for me to start blogging was to showcase how furries shop and how human styles look on us. Yes lately I have been favoring my human side a bit more that’s because dropping a lot of money on mesh heads I want it to look good as I do on my fursona. I will always be a furry, it’s a part of me. Me being human is secondary in second life.

U can't resist


Hair: Doe – Jaylee [boobs] v2 – Fatpack [New textures updated which looks amazing!!] [@ Lootbox]



Dress: Sn@tch – Roxie Tube Dress – Slink Hourglass

Heels: Phedora + Moda – Randal Heels – Slink [New][@ Shoetopia]

Bracelets: Knot&Co – Triangle Bracelets



Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Concrete Jungle

Cup: .Birdy. Bunny Cafe {Hot Cinnamon Cider}

Cup 2: .Birdy. Bunny Cafe {Mocha}

Table:[CIRCA] – “Cafe Volo” Tall Table – Dk Cocoa/Cherry (15 pos)

Chair: [CIRCA] – “Cafe Volo” Tall Seat A – Cherry/Dk Cocoa (16 pos)

Small Vase: [CIRCA] – “Cafe Volo” Flower Vase & Shakers2 – Orange

Big Vase: [CIRCA] – :TAKUMI: Floor Vase – Paint Drip / Floral Mix -Reds

Sign: [CIRCA] – Coffee Chalk Art – Sign – “Fresh Brewed” (w/ chgr)


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