No place like home part 1

I am redoing my house since I have a lot of time on my hands cause of my foot. Its better, I can wobble to the bathroom, and short distance to the front door. The swelling went down some, but it’s still huge. This time I can catch up on some well needed blogging! The Outlet Sales started on Friday. Michigans Shack, has a day bed, called Hemnes Daybed in Blue Stencil.

It has eight poses; single poses, only 7 LI and it makes such an wonderful addition to my house.  Michigans Shack also has a love chair to match the day bed; its adult. Its also in Blue Stencil.

Image[Yes this is an actual photo of part of the room in my house. The other side isn’t finished, just this side!]

I am not really to great at decorating, my room IRL looks like a library gone wild. Anyways, I am going to just break it down, if you have any questions of where I got the items just message!

Michigans Shack-Hemnes Daybed-Blue Stencil [The Outlet Sales Room]

Wayward Muse- Cereza Coffee Table and Side Table

Lisp Bazaar- Beatrice Lamp and side table

Hermony- Ashtray & Cigarettes and Table Cigarette pack [Part of Ultimate Cigarettepack]

Gothic Beauty Magazines are made by me. Not for sale. They are just for fun.

Atypical-Hellsing Manga

Noctis- R&R wrinkled rug [part of a set]

Back Anime Poster was made by an adorable little girl named Naraelina Ordinary.

Side Anime Poster was made by an friend.

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