Dead Enough for Life

” I’m the three headed watchdog.” 

“This my revelation, my only disease.” 

“A manifest of life.” 

Dead Enough
” If I could reach through, catch you.”

“Make you understand.” 

“If I’m not dead enough for life”

“Am I alive enough for death?”

Dead Enough for Life

Hair: Analog Dog- FFWD- Paprika

Skin: Hush-Daisy-Cherry-Caramel

Eyes: Beautifully Grotesque-Contaminated Eyes-Orchid

Eyeshadow: Glamorize- Punch Eye Makeup-4

Facial Tattoo: AQ-Typed

Lipstick: Glamorize-Punch Lipstick-Delicious Apple Red

Piercings: HoD- Provaction Piercings-Slide [Part 1]

Gauge: Cobrahive-Gauged 03-color

Chest piercings: HoD- Provaction Piercings-Slide [Part 2]

Necklace: Plastik-Corda://Poe [Part of an outfit]

Jacket: Sn@tch-Outsider Trench Coat-Black-Large [NEW] [MESH]

Top: Sn@tch- Strap Halter top-Slate

Pants: Plastik-Aeda Slacks- Noir

Rings: Utopiah-My Cute Hand [Stuff in Stock]

Bag: Sn@tch- Smuggler Bag- Skull [MESH]

Tattoo: Para Designs-Loyalty

Navel: K’s K- Banana Butterfly

Shoes: Plastik-Dusk Heel-Lace [OLD gatcha item]

Prop: Wooden Pump shotgun [Market Place item, 0L]


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