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Powder Pack is available and if you haven’t purchased it then you should! I started with Lelutka Evo X first because that is the one I would have the most difficult with. I don’t wear Lelutka Evo X because I don’t own any makes ups or anything geared towards it. -sobs- So I was hoping in the powder pack I -would- get a few things for it. If you hadn’t gotten the Powder Pack and don’t want spoilers I would suggest you ignore the next part because SPOLIER ALERT

What you get in the Lelutka Evo X Powder Pack:

  • Tres Beau – Lelutka X – Barbie Skin – Fatpack
  • ItGirls – Lelutka Evo X – Wendy Skin
  • Bellucci – Self Madre Lipstick – Lelutka Evo/X
  • Nonnative – Lux Skin Details – Lelutka Evo X
  • Amara Beauty – Peyton – Lelutka Evo X
  • Moccino Beaute – Janet – Lelutka Evo X Fatpack
  • Ives – Petra Skin – Lelutka Evo X Fatpack
  • AviGlam – Sensible Eyes Lelutka Evo X

So you have 5 skins and a lipstick, pack of eyeballs, and some beauty addons. NOW, Nonnative beauty details were tricky when I was opening the items. There is NO notecard explaining what skins they go too? and I was wearing Tres Beau Barbie Skin because I assumed they went with one of them or could at least but I gave up after awhile. So I probably most likely won’t be blogging those.

I am wearing Tres Beau Barbie Skin in this portrait it’s Tone 1.5 no brow with neck blend. In the fatpack it comes with 9 tones from 0.5-1.5 which being lightest to darkest and you get the Evo x universal ear layer with it too. Body applier is by Itgirls best 400L invest ever I cringed when I had to buy it lool When I knew I had landed Powder Pack as a designer to blog for I knew I had to start buying body appliers and not just sticking to my one body a year lool If it wasn’t provided at Skin Fair I wasn’t buying it looool Moccino Beaute body appliers are really great priced and I bought hers during weekend sales because I do wear a lot of her skins!

Anyways the price now for Powder Pack is 3000L, but ladies I tell you it’s worth. When I was a noob and won’t try new things I would get the OG Powder Pack and I had tons of skins, makeup, eyeballs and things for Catwa. Sure you’ll have some hits and misses, but preorder first so that disappointment doesn’t hit as hard. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Lelutka Powder Pack because I need everything in here, the only thing I really wasn’t feeling was the Nonnative details, but to each their own!



Hair: KMH – Hair CP008 Rigged [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0

Skin: TRES BEAU – Lelutka Evo X – Barbie Skin (1.5) NECK BLEND [New][@ Powder Pack]

Eyes: ARTE – Arise Eyes [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Body: Legacy Perky


Top: AURORA Cyber Cybill Steel Bodysuit [New][@ Cyberpunk]


Aura: [ bubble ] Moon & Stars Aura (Static)

Aura 2: Caboodle – Celestial Orbit (static) [No longer available]

Arm Band: Normandy-Reboot.ArmBand [New]

Earrings: RAWR! Simplicity Earrings Elf EvoX

Jaw: [Cubic Cherry] {Razor} jaw HOLO (regular) [New][@ Cyberpunk]


Cybernetic Chest: Gloom. – Cybernetic Genetics – Chest 3

Face: persephone – mox scar – left side [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Face 2: persephone – mox scar – right side [New][@ Cyberpunk]

lipstick: persephone – mox lipstick – Navy Evox [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Eyeshadow: Rekt Royalty – Enhance [New][@ Cyberpunk]

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