Gimme moar gummies!

Sugah actually picked the title well gave me the title idea. I am not sure where I was going with this idea at all. Like not one clue. I actually had on a powder pack skin and was going to do some sort of like sexy bust short, but then I realize I didn’t blog over the weekend because my mood swings are getting out of control. My medication is not working anymore and I just didn’t want to be bothered with SecondLife and it drove me in a funk. So this was a rushed photo to meet my quotas and get them out the way so I don’t have to be bothered with them. Sorry designers but I am dealing with some shit. My issues are just a bit more important.

Of course I did try to do a new photoshop technique and I think I nailed it. I didn’t make my gun shot effect this time. I actually just used a bunch of overlays to create an effect like it was coming out the gun and then I did the photoshop technique because I figured it looked much better with the technique. So if I use this technique for now on I will be using overlays because it just looks better. Like I said it was rushed and I didn’t do nearly what I would do if I took my time. But slurls where you can get these items from below.



Head: {Vixen} – Candy Bunny Head – { Cotton Candy }

Body: Legacy Perky


Harness: [Salem] Lena Harness // [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Tutu: SEKA’s Cutiepoo Tutu [New][@ Access]

Panties: SEKA’s Cutiepoo Panty [New][@ Access]

Pasties: SEKA’s Sweet Spot


Bracelets: Epicine – Neon Jelly Bracelets Pack – Rainbow1

Rings: friday – Alex Ring Set

Nails: Avada~ Stiletto Urlare Nails [New][@ #BigGirl]

Vibe: Spoiled – Goddess Playtime Vibro Wrap

Gun: [SAC] Python Hunter Pistol v1.03 [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Pose: [SAC] Python Poses [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]


Arm Tattoo: CURELESS[+] Moonlight Revenge / ForeArm / 50%

Upper: CURELESS[+] Moonlight Revenge / UppArm / 50%

Pelvis: CURELESS[+] Moonlight Revenge / Pelvis / 50%

Thigh: CURELESS[+] Moon Nemesis Tattoo / THIGH R / 50%

Chest: CURELESS[+] Moonlight Revenge / Chest / 50%

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