Cyberpunk Swag

So Cyber Fair starts tomorrow and I am pumped up. This is going to be my other pre-post that I am going to do including everything below. Above I am rocking some new items that I am so proud to have. Man when I tell you that some of the best designers on this grid came through with these items. Like legit this has to be one of the best rounds yet. Linkrave has this new item that is bomb it’s a full face set you can mix and match the ONLY thing that I wish they did was a back piece for the head to match the top of the head. Linkrave is a sponsor for Cyber Fair so be sure to check out their booth. Gloom also has some amazing animated eyeballs and cybernetic genetic pieces, Dappa, Ungod is also featured in the photo. Just man come through Cyber Fair even if you aren’t a fan of Cybernetic items you are for sure going to find SOMETHING to buy. Hell even my friend Lola was watching me unpack items and she was like Who made that and so forth and she really isn’t into cyber stuff. Everything is going to be posted below!

ALSO! This was an inspiration post! This post is brought to you by the lovely work from Victor Shevchenko. He makes dope art so go check him out!



Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5

Eyes: Gloom. – Reprogram Collection – Television (Mesh L) [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Eyes: Gloom. – Cyber Collection – Reconecting (Mesh R) [New][@ Cyber Fair]


Ear piece: UNGOD Cyber Braindance L [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Skull piece: [LINKRAVE] RAMware – Skull Set [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Earrings: The Rotting Lab – Cybernetik Hoops


Eyeliner: Wednesday – Essential Eyeliner

Cybernetics: Gloom – Cybernetic Genetics – Face 1 [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Tattoo: DAPPA – Vector Tattoo [FADED] [New][@ Cyber Fair]

March 4th – March 24th

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