Chaotic Turbulence

Ya I know it’s very bright and I’m sorry. I hadn’t had a good few good days. Today I cried for four hours straight and my eyes are puffy. I am just going to go with this and just go. Rather it do well or not I tried and I also wanted to post something. It wasn’t a rushed post neither it was just as the post said chaotic mindset. But Gacha Guild Starts Monday and goes all the way till the end of the month. I have to finish getting my folders ready for Skin Fair and Cyber Fair. Finish finding a few more inspiration for Cyber Fair. So the theme for Gacha Guild is basically Steampunk and Sky Pirates, but Steampunk. It opens Midnight tonight and it goes till April First. Some of the sponsors are: Static, Inzoxi, Tardfish, Cubic Cherry, Sugarcult, Clover, and Hilted. Landmark will be proved in previous post but be sure to join the Gacha Guild group to get more information when the landmark is released!


Hair: Lock&Tuft – Jill

Skin: Fallen Gods – Uruk Kin – Abyss [New][@ Enchantment]

Body: Legacy Perky

Head: Genus – Strange 02


Horn: Cubic Cherry – Kraken Gacha – Tall Horns [Rare][New][@ Gacha Guild]

Earrings: Normandy – Data Chip Earrings [New]

Piercing: Bubble – Venus Corset Piercing [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Jewel Set: Normandy – Neon Collar & Bands

Goo: Ni.Ju – Drippy Goo Layers [Thank you Vita Girl <3] [Updated]


Top: A&Y – Raizer Top

Cinch: Normandy – Metal Cinch [New]


Pets: Tardfish – Hel’s Skells [New][@ Enchantment]

Tentacles: Cubic Cherry – Tentacles Army [New][@ Hentai Fair]

Backdrop: Not a peep – Portal to Paradise – RARE #1 [New][@ Gacha Guild]

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