Okay I have been having such a terrible like two weeks and thus the title named Redemption! WHY! Because the people around me gave me the kick in the butt I needed that is why! Well SHE did. She sat me down said well ya last two photos are great, but you weren’t feeling it. Understandable. Ya, I wasn’t. Why did I take off. Because I made the commitments and I was locked in looking forward to doing these events and hyped up and it sucks that things in real life just collided with what is going on. Blogging and Secondlife is relaxing for me. Ya at times its stressing because I pile on tooo much and it gets to me and I pile on tooo much in real life so its a category 100 hurricane.

And my mental health is about to explode. I don’t like to talk about my mental health and I know some find it an excuse thus why I don’t like to talk about it. I also have a parent that suffers from mental health issues so we are both dealing with it. And Covid is not helping at all so In real life is quite stressful for me. So I had TWO bad photos sue me! We’re gonna pretend they don’t exist.

Anyways now that I am BACK in my groove I can now stop doing one item from Necrotize and do big pieces now. Seriously I been standing there looking at items sobbing because I been so stressed, but NO LONGER! THE WINDOW IS OPEN!! I AM BACK.




Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Falling hair – Shortfall – Colors

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002 – v1.7 – Mocap

Skin: Moccino Beaute – Mia Cacau


Body Appendages: FIKA – Cenobite’s Wrath [New][comes with arm bandages][@ Necrotize]

Tattoo: Lilithe’ – Omukade Tattoo – Faded [Left & Right][New][@ Hallow Manor]

Pages: Tardfish – Magical Pages [New][@ Hallow Manor]


Top: Masoom – Syliva Top

Skirt: Seka – Barely Skirt [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Boots: Seka – Cyberlita Stompers [New][@ Necrotize]

Pose: Made by me


Statue 1: Deathrow Designs – Agony Statue Collection – Denial [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Statue 2: Deathrow Designs – Agony Statue Collection – Confrontation [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Statue 3: Deathrow Designs – Agony Statue Collection – Reality [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Fundati had an entire graveyard kit at Hallow Manor and I used everything.

Skeletons: (Fundati) Graveyard’s Skeleton Corpse [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Skeletons 2: (Fundati) Graveyard’s Skeletons Debris [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Tree: (Fundati) A Graveyard’s Dead Tree (LOW PRIM + LARGE) [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Tombstone 1: (Fundati) Graveyard’s Tombstone X [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Tomestone 2: (Fundati) Graveyard’s Tombstone III [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Clown thingie: Never Totally Dead – Side Show Gate [New][@ Hallow Manor]

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