Babyface Heart Thief

It’s Friday dear readers that is correct and tomorrow is Halloween! Aren’t you excited?! It seems like finally this year is coming to an end and hopefully some of us will get back to work in 2021 and lets hope I will be stepping back into a class room sometime in 2021. Because frankly I am sick of being at home! I went to vote yesterday and I thought the lines were gonna he freakishly hella long? So I based all my appointments around voting and no one was in line. I legit loaded my dogs in line had them in strollers, tons of water, food, treats poop bags and toys for their entertainment and no one was in line. I was shocked okay…

So that was fun! This post was suppose to go out yesterday but by the time I got home, cooked and chilled out I was dead tired and slept. I logged in to check my messages and said yeaaaa I’m logging out. But today I am gonna post it and work on my next one! It’s the weekend sales and I can’t wait. Also it also creeps me out that they rush Halloween items off the shelves and Christmas items up? It’s like Christmas is taking over and frankly I dislike it. I am such a Grinch and Scrooge, everyone is like well at the end they have a change of heart. I’m like NO in my mind they are like THEY DON’T CHANGE. IT’S A LIE, but I do do surprises at times >.>…so my heart does get a tad bit bigger…shifty eyes! Anyways I’ll see yall tomorrow for Halloween! BAI!



Hair: Doe – Siren [Double] – Fatpack [New][Gacha][@ Epiphany]

Eyebrows: Minuit – Psycho Eyebrows

Eyeshadow: Nox – Venus Shadow – Pluto [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Eyes: Lovelysweet – Lilliths Eyes [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Lipstick: Nox – Latex Lip – White [New][@ Hallow Manor]

Veins: Izzie’s Face Veins – Dark


Earrings: Euphorie – Devil’s Hear Earrings [New][Hunt][@ Hallow Manor]

Collar: Teabunny – Heart Ring Collar – Stiches

Heart: Schadenfreude Gift from? the Heart (hold right)[New][@ Hallow Manor]


Tattoo: This is wrong – Spell Tattoo Red [New][Hunt][@ Hallow Manor]

Nails: Stunner Originals – Ballerina Long Nails – Awe [New][Hunt][@ Hallow Manor]

Tattoo 2: Insomina Angel – Rotten Hand Tattoo – Ghost [New][Hunt][@ Hallow Manor]


Bodysuit: Cynful – Bodysuit Set

Gloves: Cynful – Strappy Set – Gloves

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