So this post was for Vintage Fair, but I just couldn’t complete it. I am in a complete utter rut. With second life and real life. I come on and instantly log off because I just can’t will myself to be as creative as I once was. I feel like I am a let down to my fans if I have any and myself. Inspiration is lost for me. No matter how much my friends give me I just can’t do anything. I’ve spoken to a few people who I can confide in and they think I need a hiatus to recollect myself. On my off days I juts sit here and look at the piles and piles of items tossed at me and it’s like I can’t do anything with this. If I do it looks like utter crap the deadlines are creeping up.

And I’m to the point I’d just rather just get timed out than try to force myself to do a half assed photo for the creators that deserves better.

Hair: Escalated – Alina – mirror v1

Top: Fika – Vintage Shirt [New]

Pants: Fika – Vintage Pants Set [New]

Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Bellevue Ave

Paintings: {what next}Retro Kitchen Prints

Clock: Visual Magick – Retro Neon Clock – Zup

Chair:[CIRCA] – “Urbanite” Retro Chair – Lime & Ocean Solid

Plant: Salacity – Pierre Potted Fern

Pose: Lush Poses – Boombox

Headphones: Bondi – The Retro Headphones

4 replies to “ZUP

  1. Hun…sometimes you have to pull back and recharge. Don’t drop blogging all together but maybe focus on the ones that bring you the most hot now. I recently did this and I have to say it’s paying off for me. I don’t blog everyday now it’s like a few a week. I can breath again. I hope this helps. Follower, admirer, and fellow blogger, blu

    1. I am! I really am! Just trying to finish up this months posts and then I am gonna take a little break. To get my juices running again. Thank you Blu for everything, really. It means a lot <3

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