Happy Monday dear readers. I am sorry I hadn’t posted much I am mostly getting things together so I can go on a two week hiatus from blogging to feel better. Like I stated in previous posts my creativity is shot. So what’s more basic than just a random nude shot! Spookshow is a undereated store, they specialize in all the weirds same with La Malvda Mujer.

It was just a quicky shot, I hope you guise enjoy your Monday because ya know it’s Monday!
Oh also, Miggins and Rayne seemed to love this shot, I included the original version I wanted to do, I accidently used an action it turned it black and white.

Hair: Tram – F603 Hair

Jewel: Spookshow – Coffin Forehead Jewel {Fatpack}Jewel [New][@ Bodyfy]

Spectum: [CX] Aria Septum ( Gold )

Collar: Spookshow – Tammuz Collar {Materials} [New][@ Eclipse]

Nipples: Omnis – cute nipples

backdrop: FOXCITY. VIP Photo Booth – Glitch

eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer – Dysdera Eyeshadow

lipstick: La Malvda Mujer – Dysdera lipstick

Hair Cables: cinphul – diode hair accessories

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