Colour me bright

Blaaah! Sorry, I’m coughing right now it and hurts. I swear if I cough again blood will come up as well as whatever left in my body as well. I’m sick in real life sorry for delay. I didn’t feel like being all darkly, because I’m drowning in misery lying in bed non stop coughing and constantly taking breathing treatments for my asthma. Didn’t wanna hear all that, but I thought I would share! While I couldn’t sleep which is most nights when the other half isn’t telling me to rest or the medicine didn’t kick in I’ve been inventory cleaning and shopping. New items from Tameless Hair, Sn@tch, SongBird and Zombie Suicide, who by the way is having a sale. Isis didn’t mention when it was going to end so better go and pick up some items you never had the chance to get.


I mentioned above I didn’t want to be all dark, I kind of wanted to go for a tasteful wacky tacky type of look. Something FUN. I know 99% of the people are going to be like HORRIBLE look, but I actually LOVE my look. Agree to disagree or to each their own. I’ve been inventory cleaning and came across some items I honestly didn’t even KNOW I had. That’s how BAD my inventory is seriously. Moving along!


Colour me bright


Hair: Tameless Hair – Aspen [New]

Eyes: SongBird – London Eyes [New, 100% donation at Leaf on the wind]

Skin: Lumae – Star – Tone 6- Cookie//Bare

Eyeshadow: [Bubble] – War Witch Makeup [Shown in Pink]

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide – Firework Lip Color [Shown in Green, I love this color just sayin’]


Jacket: SAKIDE – Denim Loose Jacket [Shown in Black]

Top: [Bubble] – Lace tube tops [Shown in Cherry]

Skirt: Insanya – Cora Skirt

Leggings: [Bubble] – Labyrinth Leggings [Shown in Yellow]

Boots: Sn@tch – Bam Stomper Boots [NEW][LOVE These boots]


Tiara: Zombie Suicide – Tiara [New]

Necklace 2: The Sugar Garden – Gamer Girl Necklace [Shown in Red]

Belly Chain: The Plastik – Coeur Jewelry Set – Krysis- Bellychain//coeur – Gunmetal

Bracelet 1: Zombie Suicide – Skully Bracelet

Bracelet 2: Zombie Suicide – Star Wristbands

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