You’re manga me scream from tickles

Ya friends you can’t live without!

You're manga me scream from tickles

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“Eight in the morning and I’m up yawning.”

“My phone’s almost dead cause everyone is callin'”

“It’s breakfast time and I need my apple jacks”

“And I need my fresh grape syrup and a money stack.”

“I-I-I-I-‘m Hungry,hungry hungry, for this money”


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Lunch is the best time

I’ll probably be still playing a School Girl when I’m 60” — Chris Lilley

Lunch is the best

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Black Beatle

“That girl is a real crowd pleaser”

“Small world, all her friends know me.”

“Young bull livin’ like an old geezer”

“Quick release the cash, watch it fall slowly.”

“Frat girls still tryna get even.”

“Haters mad for whatever reason.”

“Smoke in the air, binge drinking.”

“They lose it when the DJ drops the needle.”

Black Beatle

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Ferret Domicile

I hadn’t figured out what to name my ferret girl here. I was happy to wear her again even though it’s hella hard to fit hair on her due to the shape of her hair. I’m slowly tweaking her and getting her properly how I want too. Each one of my girls has their own identity once and normally I start with a name and build it from there.

Well after a day I finally came up with a name with hard thinking and at 1:26am, Spencer Bastina Mejia is born.

Her two pet ferret companions are named Avalon & Hermip

Ferret Domicile

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Colour me bright

Blaaah! Sorry, I’m coughing right now it and hurts. I swear if I cough again blood will come up as well as whatever left in my body as well. I’m sick in real life sorry for delay. I didn’t feel like being all darkly, because I’m drowning in misery lying in bed non stop coughing and constantly taking breathing treatments for my asthma. Didn’t wanna hear all that, but I thought I would share! While I couldn’t sleep which is most nights when the other half isn’t telling me to rest or the medicine didn’t kick in I’ve been inventory cleaning and shopping. New items from Tameless Hair, Sn@tch, SongBird and Zombie Suicide, who by the way is having a sale. Isis didn’t mention when it was going to end so better go and pick up some items you never had the chance to get.


I mentioned above I didn’t want to be all dark, I kind of wanted to go for a tasteful wacky tacky type of look. Something FUN. I know 99% of the people are going to be like HORRIBLE look, but I actually LOVE my look. Agree to disagree or to each their own. I’ve been inventory cleaning and came across some items I honestly didn’t even KNOW I had. That’s how BAD my inventory is seriously. Moving along!


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