The title was inspired by Miggins. She said I’m only legs and how much I could do with leggies. I use to do shoe posts when I was doing shoes, but I found that they all looked similar and it was just not working for me and I had a hard time trying to blog them. Some of the shoes I rezzed are just random shoes. I know Curves is over with, but you can still pick up these shoes at the owners store. I’ll post the names of the shoes that I used as props, but the shoes behind me are part of the backdrop by [HB] Poses, it’s a very elaborate scene. In all honesty you can do a few shots within the scene. I found myself inspired by the shoes and just went with it.

Anyways I am 95% done with all my posts for June and then I will go on hiatus from my stores, I’ll keep my events going because they’re not as taxing on my mental health for me to not do them and I only have like 2 events active that I know of that I am apart of and one of them don’t even start till August, but with that note I am signing off to go play some Island Living! Have a good Thursday!

Skirt: Sass – Nell Set [New][[Previous Curves June round]

Heels: Glutz – Strapped up boots [New][Previous Curves June round]

Backdrop: [HB] Shopping Backdrop [New][Previous Curves June round]

Shoe in Hand: Sn@tch – Calais Pumps

Sneakers: Sn@tchers – Street Hi-Tops

Oxfords: insanya -Platform Oxfords

Platform next to box: REIGN.- DARLING WEDGES- ORCHID

Stilettos on box: Cult – Rose Shoe

Back facing stilettos: fri. – Honey.Platforms (Antique)

Boxes: What next – storage boxes – metallics

Pose: Foxcity – Late Night Pose Set

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