Gettin’ Some

“You know you fellas want a sistah like me”

“Apple bottoms with the wife beater rockin’ Nikes”

“All the fellas in the hood wanna call her wifey”

“If you got a pretty dollar than I probably might be”

“You fellas poppin’ collars your girl’s poppin’ p’s”

“Think you can pop me, man, you need to stop please!”

Da Blow

“You’re slippin’ and I’m pimpin’ and your boy chose me”

“And now he hollin’ hey lil’ mama can you give me a sec”

“I got a lil’ somethin’, somethin’ about as big as your leg”

“This fella yawn while he talkin’ so I knew he was wet”

“And about like six in the mornin’ he forgot what he said and I was…”

Hair: Lcky-Jade-Sunshine [Moded]

Skin: Pink Fuel-Alyx-Java

Eyes: Chus!-Cult Lens-Queen [Free, Lucky board, group access]

Piercings: Zombie Suicide-Butterfly Kisses [Perfect Wardrobe]

Necklace: Kosh-Multiplex Necklace [1L, Marketplace]

Bracelet: Kosh-Multiplex Bracelet [1L, Marketplace]

Ring: Phoebe-Scorpion Ring [NEW][MESH][8 metals/9 gem color changeable][Outlet Sales Room]

Tattoo: Para Designs-Love Hate [Free, Hunt item]

Corset: Zombie Suicide- Candy Corset- Pink n Yellow [NEW][MESH][Large]

Pants: Sn@tch-Heavy Metal Jeans

Boots: Gos-Triumph Boots v2

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