Easter Party

Oh no! Syn is behind on her Easter Baskets!! Don’t worry, Gothya has came to the rescue! Once out of the year, Syn transforms into an giant chocolate bunny! This year somebody taken a bite out of her ear! She suspect Gothya did it while she wasn’t looking! She wonders if she tastes delicious?

Happy Easter


I wanted to do a very fun and friend like setting. It was different to do this with, seeing that I am very sexual when it comes to another person in a photo. This was very casual and interesting and I liked it!

Gothya is my Burst our your bubble challenge partner, and I am so glad that Skylar made me do it. I had a mishap that happened to me in Secondlife that caused me to become a hermit and not make friends. Well, I made a new one whom is very fun and silly! Gothya Batz is an upcoming blogger and photographer, she is so sweet and hilarious. Me being a furry around her doesn’t bother her one bit!  I’ve given her much advice as I possibly can and could. I’m very proud of what she has accomplished since our meeting.

To view Gothya Batz you can visit via:

Blog: http://gothyaglamoure.blogspot.sk/

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fashionglamoure/

Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/Gothya


Gothya Batz:

Hair: Ploom-Stephine-Monotone

Skin: Glam Affair-Amberly-America 03 Red

Eyes: IKON-Horizon Eyes v2-Deep Azure

Eyelashes: Angel Rock-Eyelash-J Curl-Fluffy v13-Carnival Queen

Eyeliner: Mons-Makeups-Black eyeliner-series 7

Outfit: SAKIDE- Imma Bunneh Hoodie-Teal-Large [MESH][NEW]

Tattoo: Chus! Nose Heartsie-Recolorable

Piercings: Pekka-Valentine Hearts [Old Gift]

Necklace: Baubles!-Silver Bunny Pendant [Evil Bunny Hunt]

Bangle: Baubles-Angel Bunny Bangle

Shoes: Isis-Bellic Evil Bunny Ballet Shoes



Hair: EEP-Hair 009-Green [FREE, Hunt]

Head Bunny: Kue!-Omnom Loppine Bolu Kukus [VERY old hunt item][KUE, is closed]

Arm Bunny: KUE!-Loppine Brown Arm [Gatcha item][KUE! is closed]

Shoulder Bunny: Jolly Rogers Farm-My Bunny friend?

Outfit: SAKIDE- Candy Bodysuit Pink [FREE]

Shorts: HolliPocket-BumBum shories- Rainbow Hot Pink

Pose: MishMish-Easter Paint Kit

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