Dolly Easter Bunbun!

Look! Up in the Sky its a bird, its a plane, No! Its a Chocolate Synnimonbun!

I have no clue what that has to do with the blog post, but I am laughing.

I normally don’t wear this lapine side of me. I don’t wear it often, or hardly at all, but lately I love it again. Favorite atm.

Moving along… DILLY DOLLS!

Newness @ Dilly Dolls.

Ori, has created an new dolly shoe or an upgrade from her previous dolly shoes, but not really an upgrade! They are totally brand new, comes in 2 styles, with and without socks. Available in 24 different colors.

Dark, med/light tones. Singles or fat pack. Singles with socks have texture change socks, all fat packs are texture change as well.

Avatar: Kinzart-Lapine-Easter limited edition (I don’t think its still out anymore, got it LAST easter. Hence Limited, The Bow is part of it as well)

Hair: LCKY- Dante- Thunderstomr

Outfit: Sn@tch- Lil Nipper Dress-Darks-Brown

Shoes: DillyDolls- Stella Dollies II-Dark Pack


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