Onyx Wear + LoTD

Okay, so I have been basically running around wearing the Panties and Pasties from Onyx Wear!  And If anybody knows me, I am like naked 99% of the time.  So don’t let my blog fool you.  Or I am wearing rather revealing clothing XD . Don’t care, showin’ off my chunky ass body =D.

The Panties and Pasties comes in different layers. Different colors, mix and match.  They kind of remind me of ones I have IRL. o.o!  Anyways! Photos!

The skybox is from the Seasons Hunt, I love it. I have my favorites this week, and these are most of them Seen. XD. So goofy today.

Glasses: FAP – 80’s Glasses -The Next Big Thing Hunt.

Spine: H.o.D

Ears: Shitz n Giggles.

Neck: H.o.D.

Bracelets: LouLou&Co

Navel: Nightshade and Relentless Couture

Cigarette: Hermony


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