Can’t sit with me

World Goth Fair has started and I’m so excited! I shall be putting together some styles for my Alternative Girls of Color crowd. To start off I got Songbird‘s new release it’s a long t-shirt type with several different sayings I picked “I don’t want to sit with you” Lets face it preppy folk, I don’t wanna sit with you period. In-crowd pfft, go kick rocks. I managed to snag Ploom’s, excuse me Doe’s newest release from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Wearing a new rings from The Little Bat, painted my nails using Dark Passion’s newest polish and finishing it off with Insanya’s updated leggin’s. You can get most of the items at World Goth Fair my ethnic goths! Stay tuned for more styles!

 I don't want to sit with you


Hair: Doe – Teagan [New][@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival][Shown in Candy; Rare]

Eyes: Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes – Blue & Grass [New][@ Cosmetics Fair ]

Skin: Lumae – Jewel 6 – Cinnamon//Bare

Lipstick: La Malvada Mujer – Mrs. Wallace n2/ Lipstick [New][@ Cosmetics Fair]

Eye shadow- Pin Me Down – Electric [New][@ World Goth Fair]


Shirt: Songbird – Slacker Goth Shirt [New][@ World Goth Fair]

Shoes: Emporium – Sneaker Platform Miley

Leggings: Insanya – Lace Leggins – Style 3 roses



Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – With Death Tattoo [New][@ Dark Style Fair]

Gauges: Geek – Holey Holes in Meh Head – Black Pack

Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Dark Collar [New][@ Dark Style Fair]

Bracelets: Sweet Thing – Pentagram Trick Bracelets

Nail Polish – Dark Passions – Midnight Metals – Pagan [New][@ World Goth Fair][Slink Applier]

Poses: Dimma – Ghost Dancing Pose [New][@ World Goth Fair]

Furniture: Fetch – Sylvia Set – Adult [Past Lazy Sunday Item]


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