Dark Trip

This is something different from what I usually do with my backgrounds and so forth. I decided to practice the green screen and more editing in photoshop. Its kind of difficult at some points but I think I am getting the hang of it. I had no idea what I was thinking I was just mainly going with he flow off what I was listening too which was Trap and EBM; thus the title. I have some new items from SongBird, its an charity item at World Goth Fair. Free hair from Taketomi, New skin from Lumae which I’ll blog in more detail in a later post, and eyes from Nocturnal Couture.

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Black n White

So, every since I did a mentor meme thing a long time ago I instantly clicked with my now SLister, SL Sister. She is very good with photoshop and if I have a question or need help I usually go to her after I tutorial it. So after I harassed her on giving me a lesson on Green Screen because I have always been curious as to trying it. Heh, well lets just say it was a bit to remember because I am so goofy when it comes to such things so I have to practice, practice, practice. So we did a quick little photo together and plus I had to blog this gown that I had from awhile back and I wanted to show off more of the favorite accessories from World Goth Fair. Its my first green screen photo edit so please don’t criticize  to harshly.



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Shallow Nation

” Galvanized steel, sheet in oil.”

“Believe in a punch line in orders to improve.”

“Live in a nation, a shallow formation.”

“Technical adjustments in orders to improve.”

” Welcome to this shallow nation.”

” Join us for a narrow mind.”

“As our eyes turns back.”

“and our minds turns black.”

“Losing all self control.”

“Welcome to the Shallow Nation.”

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Dark Pryncess

” Turn of he light, the show begins; we hide ourselves in innocence.”

“Enough is enough.”

“The Truth is hard to comprehend; accept the lose of common sense.”

“Enough is enough.”

” First when the rain keeps falling and our world stops turning.”

“Another candle-light still burning, even i the tide won’t turning.”

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Hair Overload Vol 2.

Okay, so I have some new hairstyles from a new shop called Koy, Ploom, and Tameless Hair. I am going to go into a wee bit of detail as for Tameless Hair. This new pack she released has been retextured hence why it looks a bit different than her normal textures. All her textures has been redone so you have an Roots option. I admit that the new textures look a hell of a lot better and the hair style that I am wearing works really well with it. I hope in the future she retexture some of her hair that I like. Koy, is a new hair store by Ploom’s copartner that helps out her out. I had NO clue where the hair came from, but I remember seeing the name at The Attic once when I bought a hair pack that I had to have.  There’s nothing negative to say about the hair all the hair fits fine on my fursona, expect Ploom’s I have to wear my lop ears for the big Pony Tails but all the hairs fits. Koy and Ploom are rigged Mesh, Tameless Hair is non-rigged mesh.


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Mutant Corporation Outlook

Some of you who is on my plurk timeline or follow my Flickr, know I have an Roleplay Character called Zenobia whom is a mutant whom resides in Port of Deception. Well, I thought this look was absolutely for her. It reminded me of a Corporate Goth look and that is how I play her. She is a Diva, bitch, and Villain. The outfit is a new release from Sn@tch, Viva Dita, that is featured at the World Goth Fair, the furniture is from 22769; Chtuluh Armchair and Amber Lamp. You can see more from these great designers at the World Goth Fair.

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