Snow Day

Snow day
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Faunling Blizzard

Faunling Blizzard
She was the chief of their tribe. She was an warrior, mediator for all the creatures residing withing the forest. The creatures call to her whenever a disturbance was upon them. She called to the surrounding nature to give her strength; guidance. 
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The Beauty and The Grace

” Ten thousand times, ten thousand ways.”

To catch the beauty and the grace.”

“A thousand times, a thousand ways.”

“A million times whispering your name.”

“Your name, your name, your name.”

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Kawaii Syn like a gum drop!!!

Wootas!! Jesylilo! I heard many things about her skins! And I have to say that I like her skins! ^_^! Since I am very picky I can’t never find the correct skin tone for me. v.v Makes me a sad bunneh! Thus why I stick to just about one skin until I can find a better one or one that is smiliar but different tone! Not with Jesylilo! ^_^ I’ve been wearing the skin since I got it.  Introducing Jesylilo’s Gum Dark Skin.

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