No pain, no hurt we’ll go dreaming

“One taste is never enough”

“With new hope, no place is for tears”

“Catch my hand and come with me “

“Close your eyes and dream. “

No pain, no hurt we'll go dreaming

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Forgive me Father for I have Syn…

Dilly Dolls released a new outfit. Its an Nancy Nunn outfit. =D Comes with a lot.

Nancy Nunn

Comes with 8 colors, and includes a wimple with texture change hair! The regular hair textes versions will be avaiable for later!  It includes 2 sets of basic rosary, around the neck and around the waist! And it also comes with an aorable bib =D

In my photos I am only wearing the bib and wasit rosary. v.v I forgot about the neck one. XD

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