Lolli Lolli

“Let me see that lolli pop”
“Body rock don’t you stop”
“I love the way that booty drop”
“Sideways front back up and down I like that”
“Cherry lolli chocolate lolli”
“I wanna see you pop that lolli”



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Good girl, play time

“To play it safe is not to play.”Robert Altman 

Good Girl, play time.

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Aeva//Heartsick Poppy overload

Aeva//Heartsick released a new skin called Poppy. She is included in all 8 tones, 0 being the lightest and 8 being the darkest. As shown below. I would have to say I really liked how Poppy looked on Syn it kind of makes her look a wee bit younger than what she is suppose to be, but that thing isn’t always bad! 

AevaHeartsick Poppy Natural ALL

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