‘Cause lookin’ normal’s just not for me

“I love to get my arrows on on DDR”

“Butterfly makes me feel like a star”

” ‘Cause Bubblegum Cyber’s a way of life”

“And colors can get you oh so high”

'Cause lookin' normal's just not for me

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Vandal Business

What’s the best to do your undercover operation as the Madame of selling dope? Selling Vandal items to other hooligans that’s what. Once you sell those items they’ll need the good good to cope with whatever they’re doing! Syn’s plan is going just fine the Zoanthrope is settling in just fine to her new territory. She even adopted a new lab pup she called Bugsy after the notorious gangster.


I wonder what’s in store next for this Zoanthrope, stay tuned more of the Zoantrope Choices.

Vandal Services

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Sandwich anyone?

The Outlet Nor has opened up! Yay, and like always awesome creators has produced some wonderful items. Wayward Muse has strikes again in my book. I would really recommend to visit The Outlet Nor and Wayward Muse. WayWard Muse has put out a kitchen counter top with poses included; 6 poses. Kitchen Utensils, sold separate and a huge area rug, sold separate as well.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evil/170/185/502 <—LM to The Outlet Nor

Kitchen 1










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