Back to school

Before my little mishap over the week, I wanted to do this blog post featuring Sn@tch’s little school uniform. I was kind of inspired by my love for Monster High and just random school ideas that was twirling in my head. Anyways the more I think about it the more I get pissed off and cry, but I can’t cry over spilled milk. Anyways here it is enjoy

Back to School

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Purging makes me hungry




Purging makes me hungry

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Bird of prey

The Gacha Guild presents “ Nueo Sol ” is finally opened and I tell you it’s such a nice sim! Of course The Gacha Guild has something always up their sleeves when it comes to their events. This time around they have a hunt around the sim for you to enjoy if you can not play the gachas and/or if you’ve never heard of any of the stores there they have in the Volcano vendors for you to browse some are marked discount, some even have special items laid out for you! This event is a def must visit.

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Doe’s hair overload

Going back to my old roots on when I showcase something. I’ll be doing the same way with skins whenever I get a pack dropped on me. Normally I try to show some hair packs in my fursonas, but these particular hairs aren’t really fur friendly with my girls so human have to do. All hairs below belong to Doe and at several different events you can pick them up. I mostly showed them in Reds, but the last couple I’ll mix it up and show some different colors.

Doe's Hair January Collection

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Purple Winter

Today is the last day for 20Twenty a Second Life event and I’m terrible behind with this month’s products! I sincerely apologize for it. I have Little Llama’s coffee table in with a mixture of furniture from Circa Living and I’m wearing Ama’s shoes paired off with Sn@tch and Bubble.  It’s just a little casual wear I believe something I could possible see Syn wearing. It’s nothing much to say about the outfit or how I was feeling. I just felt like being purple. You can still pick up these items till midnight then they’ll go back to regular price!

Promo: Purple Winter

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Wild for the night

“It’s the weekend and I’m creepin’ with my bitches”

“Drunk and disrespectful callin’ women bitches”

“I don’t mean no harm but won’t you and your friends”

“Meet us in the cut and we can do the business”

“Wild for the night, fuck being polite.”

“I’m goin’…”

Wild for the night

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