Ya, we knuckin’ and buckin’ and ready to fight

” Now they steady gum poppin’ and I am actin’ a fool.”

“I wish a hter would get crunk up on this Crime Mob crew.”

“Now, enough is enough, boy, rough and get stuffed, boy.”

“Luck is a must, boy, knuck if you buck, boy”

Ya, we knuckin' and buckin' and ready to fight

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College Study Time

I’m behind on several posts and I’ll be trying to catch up on them while I’m still on hiatus. So don’t expect anything really in detail and so forth.  Short and sweet! Enjoy


College Study


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Sensual Komfort

This is going to be a rather small post coming from me. I really wanted to focus in on the bed and the different poses it displays. This is not a fashion post but more so an tasteful nude shot of the bed I was using from ROMP by Stockholm & Lima. Maybe many of yall have several of their products and know how well made each item is and so forth, but for first time buyers of Stockholm & Lima products this bed is really nice. The poses in the bed was really nice some unique. The bed came in 5 different types from Male/Female, Female/Male, Female/Female, and Male/Male.


Below I’m using the female/female which is called LesDomme Industrial Bed. I’m using it with my Mistress Brawen. You get 7 single poses or roleplay/photo, 5 cuddles, 16 adults and 2 full scenes to choose from. Submissive, like me, are limited to the menu. Which was nice. Yo also get 5 bedding texture, 3 metals, and 5 wood picks. Including the Cuffs and bed ties. You couldn’t see it in the picture, but I had purple selected!

Stockholm & Lima

You have until the 16th of October to get this bed and it’s only at ROMP.


Sensual Komfort